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When someone dies there can be a lot to do, houses and assets to deal with, tax and probate (Court) issues, as well as dealing with your own grief. We are here to help and guide you. Please do contact us at this distressing time and let us take the weight from your shoulders.

If you have been appointed as Executor and are unsure of your responsibilities, then we can help guide you.

Administering an estate can be stressful and time consuming.

Why use Wolf Law Solicitors?

There is no substitute for professional advice and help at an early stage. At Wolf we can assist you in obtaining a Grant of Probate (if there is a Will), or Letters of Administration (if there is no Will) and we will be transparent on our costs every step of the way, so you know exactly what our costs will be.

We can if you wish read the Will and explain the contents.

If the deceased has died without leaving a Will (intestate) we can explain what the law will say you are entitled to, or if there is no provision made for you and you believe there should have been, we can advise if you are entitled to make a claim against the estate.

We provide a full estate administration service.

We can assist with the following;

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • IHT Planning
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • Advance Decisions
  • Care Home Fee Mitigation
  • Estate Administration
  • Probate Assistance
  • Funeral Plans
  • Tax Planning