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The Importance of Making A Will

Your Will is probably one of the most important legal documents you will ever sign. A properly drafted Will ensures your loved ones are protected, your wishes carried out, tax is minimised or reduced to nil, your precious possessions left in the right hands – and that your hard earned estate is safely passed on to the next generation. Without a Will the law, and not you, will dictate who gets what and it may not be what you intended. Making a will ensures you control how and what happens to your estate.

Reasons to make a Will

  • Your spouse will not automatically inherit your whole estate without a Will. Depending on the value of your estate the law may decide who gets what – and it may not be what you intended.There is no such thing as a common law marriage, so if you cohabit it is important to make provision for your partner and family.Same sex couples who have not entered into a civil partnership or marriage need to make a Will to provide for each other.Same sex couples who have married or entered into a civil partnership may not inherit the whole Estate depending upon the size of the estate and how the assets are structured.
  • In second marriages there may be children on either side who need to be provided for after death.
  • Trusted people can be appointed by you as your Executors (to administer your estate). This may be family, a Solicitor, or one of each.
  • Legal Guardians can be appointed for young children and instructions left as to their care and education.
  • Personal wishes can be expressed – such as funeral arrangements.
  • The cost of care fees can be mitigated.
  • Tax can be reduced or avoided altogether.
  • Legacies and personal gifts can be made to family members or charities who would otherwise not receive anything.
  • Arrangements can be specified and provision made for the care of your much loved pets.

Why Choose Wolf Law Solicitors?

Disputes over badly drawn Wills, home Wills and amended Wills can cause many problems and be expensive to try and put right. If you are going to do it – then do it well, do it right, and use a Solicitor. Its a very small cost to protect your estate which will be worth many thousands of pounds – and will give you peace of mind.

We are a friendly professional team and offer a flexible service. We can visit you in your own home if necessary. You can telephone for advice on making a will, or attend one of our free legal clinics to speak to a Solicitor face to face. When taking instructions we will listen to your wishes, give you all the advice and time you need, and ensure your wishes are followed when you die.

Our Costs

Our charges are transparent and we will not do anything until you give us the go ahead. We will discuss our costs with you on a no obligation basis, and we offer free safe storage of your Will.

We will also write to you every 3-5 years with a gentle reminder to let us know if there have been any life events which may necessitate a change in your Will, such as marriage, divorce, death, children, grandchildren or a disposal or increase in assets.