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Compensation Calculator

How Much Is My Claim?


The amount of compensation depends upon your injuries and the severity of the injury. Two injuries are rarely the same and there is no direct link to injury and compensation. For example two people could have suffered whiplash but receive two different amounts.

However, the compensation amounts are bracketed, that is, within a range. So we can deduce from your injury which part of the bracket you may fall; to the higher end or lower.

How Do Injuries Become Measured?

It is difficult to determine an injury into numbers. The agreed method is to obtain an independenbt medical report. The doctor will examine you and estimate the amount of time to recover and the severity of the injury. This forms part of the basis to assess and quantify your injury.

The medicals are free of charge and without bias; they are neither working for us or the other side.

Other Factors Than Injury

Loss of amenity i.e. you may no longer visit the gym, loss of support, i.e. you may require nursing or a gardener, all contribute to the compensation amount.

  Compensation Calculator